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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tribute to Grandpa

April 2nd has always been a day that I try my hardest not to be sad. You see, today is my grandfather's birthday. He was such a strong man who was well liked and respected by the community.

In 1987, Grandpa had a heart attack while getting ready for church one morning. While in the hospital recuperating, he enjoyed having family and friends come in to support him. My mother was 8 months pregnant with me at the time. Even though he couldn't talk and express his desires, he would look at her stomach with anticipation of having one more grandchild before he went up to Heaven.

He has been gone for 22 years now and I miss him just the same. Though I wish I would've met him, I have finally come to terms with the thought that he lived such a beautiful and full life. He was active in his community and loved people dearly.

So, without further ado. Happy Birthday, Grandpa! We all miss you dearly and look forward to joining you in Heaven one day.

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Dana Landry said...

Thank you, Katie
This is beautiful. Grandpa would be proud. Grandpa also knew that Alyssa was on the way and he would be so proud of all of his grandchildren and great children. He knows and loves all of you whether you born before he went to his new home or after. Remember, he is watching over all of us.
Hard to believe it's been 22 years, I still expect him to show up at my door on a Saturday morning with his empty coffee cup.
Love, Aunt Dana

N. Marlene Landry said...

I am reading this on your birthday, Katie, the day after Grandpa's (his 77th). Thank you for this beautiful tribute. He would be very happy. He did indeed love his family with all his heart and would be very proud of the beautiful, carrying lady you have grown into, as I am. I had him for 30 years and it wasn't long enough, but I am very grateful for the life we had together. I still miss him very much.

Happy birthday, Katie. I love you bunches!!


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