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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Sometimes I have a hard time visualizing how someone came up with something. I saw a wicker basket with magazines in it yesterday. Whoever came up with how to make one was a genious. As I sat there and studied how it was made, I thought of the woman that first figured out if she twisted sticks a certain way, she could make something useful for her daily tasks. I'm sure as the years went by, more and more women (if not men) developed the wicker basket into what we have today.

It has always amazed me how things work or how things came about. When I was younger, I took my dad's tape measure into the bathroom and took it apart, just to see how it worked. After an hour of trying to put it back together, I had to call in some reinforcements. My brother couldn't figure out how to put it back together either. I still don't know that I figured out how it worked.

PHOTOGRAPHY! I think it's such an awesome tool that Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre invented in 1827. How did he come up with it? What made him think "I bet I could make this image stand still."?

I think our society can under appreciate what the inventors of the past created. Look how far we have come with everything. Even photography used be only something a family would do once in blue moon (usually). Only professionals had a camera. Now, every wedding I photograph, there are at least 3 people with their cameras just as glued to their eye as mine is.

Everything has been made to be obtained and understood by everyone, but how many times do we sit back and appreciate the art of everything. A photograph shouldn't just be a photograph, it should be a memory that you want to keep forever.


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Josef Samuel said...

Hey Katie!
Thanks for coming over tonight. Cool new website and blog! I see you shot ean and melissa's wedding, sweet! they're also involved in the connection, so it's cool to see all these 'connections' lol.

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