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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Little Engineer

No pictures of Bryce yet. He's not cooperating this weekend. I do have a great story to share that left Chris and I in stitches last night.

Bryce went to bed rather early last night. In the middle of our milk and cookies, Bryce decided to wake up (how convenient, right?). When we were done with our milk, he decided he would confiscate our cups and use them as musical instruments, stacking, suck out whatever drops he possibly could, and wear as a hat.

As I was laying on the couch, he decided to play quietly on the side by my tummy. I didn't pay too much attention, but decided to look down to see what he was doing.

As the cup would fall with each breath I took, he'd pick it back up and place it upright. He did this a couple times before I had to decide to either hold my breath or re-situate so he could accomplish it. He would normally start crying at this point out of frustration that it wouldn't stay put.

Anyways, I re-situated and Bryce finally was able to make both cups sit up straight at the same time. "YA!!!" I had to clap for him, he's so smart. He looked at daddy and wondered why he wasn't clapping.

Over to daddy he went to grab his hands and make him clap for doing such a great job. He was going to be happy with nothing short of a standing ovation. After that, anything he did, he grabbed daddy's hands and made him clap. Of course, I'm laughing hysterically and Bryce has a HUGE grin on his face that my heart melts for.

This has been such a wonderful weekend, although none of us felt very good. I have enjoyed every second of my son and husband.

Ps. Bryce just took all the towels out of our towel box so he could sit in it.

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