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Thursday, August 20, 2009


In the past few months, I have wanted to blog about my feelings. Unfortunately, once I blogged them, they were pretty much out there for the world. Well, now I am able to tell everyone.

If you have been following me on facebook you will know what this blog has lead to. For those that haven't, I will tell you, just in case.

In the past month, we found out that Bryce is a little behind on his developmental skills. He is in the process of developmental therapy through the first steps program. I have chosen a therapist for him that will help him learn to talk and work through his aggression. As a mom, I have understandably blamed myself for being so busy with work and the business.

I have also made a few changes in who I am as well. When I went back to work, I never quite got a grasp on balancing work, the business, and my family. My business was growing to new heights that I never thought that I could take it to, and I was having a hard time keeping up. My faith took the biggest back seat out of everything. I could feel God pulling me toward him, I just kept resisting. It was time for me to take that step of faith and follow him once again.

God had been giving me signs here and there about where he wanted me to be. He kept pointing me home. After meeting with many vendors in the industry, including fellow (and fabulous) wedding photographers and hearing how they, "just took that leap of faith", I decided that home is where I needed to take that leap of faith. After A LOT of praying, I felt God was telling me that now is my time to trust Him.

Well, I did. Now, I am home working harder than ever to make sure that my brides get the best of me. Please be patient though. I'm still trying to catch up. You can expect to see more blog posts and LOTS of new things.

Stay tuned for some fabulous additions to GLP.

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