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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Bryce has been saying "ma ma ma ma" over and over lately. Today, he just looked at me and said "ma ma". It was such a joyous occasion. I love watching and hearing him grow into this new person he has become. Chris documented a specific part in the day yesterday when I was trying to work and he demanding my attention. Of course he got, who wouldn't give it to this little monster. He would never let me ignore him, he'd push me away from whatever it is if I did.

With his last two teeth coming in (can you believe it?), he has been very clingy and sweet. Chris noticed how sweet Bryce was being with me and just how much all he wanted to do was have mommy hold him. So, out came the camera. This collection of images really tells the story of our relationship.








mommy_baby0009.jpg I love Bryce kisses!!!!!

mommy_baby0010.jpg He likes the aquarium on my monitor.mommy_baby0011.jpg


1 comment:

Sparks Photography said...

Precious! What a sweet set of photos. How old is he? I have a 26 month old.

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